Ano Natsu de Matteru OP – Ray – sign

Opening of Ano Natsu de Matteru – sign by Ray.

The tidal breeze passes over our cheeks and you only remain silent
Though the truth is, I want to touch your face from the side

I realized I kissed you; that was, yes, in a dream
The wind carries away the boundary of reality

The ordinary days shined through our nonchalant words
Like the movie I saw one day

Even if the season cycles, it’s forever waiting for us
Summer smells sweet like burnt film
Your eyes peered
at the blueness of the sky on the day when we met
I’m sure…
that I can’t erase them from my mind

You burst into a smile beyond my summer-colored lens
Though the truth is, I want to look closer at you
The rustling of the swaying trees, the sound of my friends laughing together—
A moment of courage got in my way, so I still can’t say it to you now

I want to try peering at your true feelings
before the direction of the wind changes

As if defying reason, my thoughts grow stronger
Like the sand roasted by the sun
Even when I close my eyes, I see your smiling face as my consciousness fades
beneath the midsummer sky

You, beckoning me, and a mirage
flickered right in the middle of this short season…

Even if the season cycles, it’s forever waiting for us
Summer smells sweet like burnt film
My painful foreboding won’t go away
Because I’ll leap over the lens I peered through
and grab your hand…


  • opening sequence – 8/10
  • lyrics – 8/10
  • sound – 9/10

The opening sequence is played out in an old film reel of the group’s activity during the summer as they are making a film together.  What I liked about it was the part where they showed the characters standing alone as if they are in deep thought.  I think it really reflects on how they are struggling with each of their own feeling.  It climax into showing the group creating their film throughout their summer and spending time together.

The lyric gives of a youthful sense of what a fun summer would be for anime high school students.  At the same time giving off an unshakable feeling that all is only temporary and that one will reflect upon this feeling of forever young once it is over.  Of course the awesomeness of the summer would be burn into their memories even if one day it will evaporate and life will sink back into normality.

I am listening to this song (on repeat) in FLAC, and love the upbeat-ness of the song.  Sure, it sounds and feels like a typical Jpop, but the slow/soft beginning and soon the beat picks up full speed and showers you with a feeling to just run out and have a blast in on a hot summer day with your friends (not that I have any to run out with haha).